NEW! SA Series


Suitable for processing techno-polymers applications


Suitable for processing techno-polymers applications, the new SA Nozzle Series is the ideal solution for technical applications with reduced weight (> 0.5 g) and thickness for all future challenges.

Main benefits

  • High flow rate: thanks to wide channel section, it’s ideal for fast injection even with reinforced or viscous polymers.
  • Compact solution: the reduction of the cut out allows for obtaining a compact seat of the mold and reduces the pitch between 2 adjacent nozzles.
  • High pressure resistance: the screwed-in nozzle solution is highly reliable as minimize the possibility of material leakages due to tool machining mistakes or wrong assembly operations.
  • High aesthetical quality of the part with reduced weight and thickness: SA Nozzle series has been optimized to reach the best thermal layout on nozzles ensuring the correct material management. Thanks to gate design is possible to inject components with a weight less than 1 gram and thickness less than 1 mm. 
  • Suitable for techno-polymers: thanks to the special design of the tip and the end ring, the temperature in the gate area is optimized to process techno-polymers with a narrow process window (such as PA66, PBT…)


Technical features

  • Screwed-in solution.
  • Available for Open Nozzle and Valve gate. All configurations are available with bushing through the cavity or gate on the cavity.
  • Suitable for aesthetic parts, applications requiring color change, glass fiber and family tools.
  • Ideal solution for overmolding, painting & coating.
  • Available also for stack mold technology.
  • Processable materials: PA6, PA66, PBT, POM, rubber, PP, PE, EPDM, ABS, PS, SAN, PC, PMMA and much more materials under evaluation of our application engineer experts.

Thermal gate injection

Nozzle cut out Ø 20 mm
Nozzle lenght 60 ÷ 210 mm
Ø Nozzle channel Ø 6 ÷ 4 mm
Hot runner manifold 40 mm (cut out 65 mm)
Nozzle-inlet minimum pitch 40 mm
Nozzle minimum pitch 30 mm

Valve gate injection

Nozzle cut out Ø 20 mm
Nozzle lenght 60 ÷ 210 mm
Ø Nozzle channel Ø 6 ÷ 5 mm
Hot runner manifold 40 mm (min. cut out 120 mm)
Nozzle-inlet minimum pitch 70 mm
Nozzle minimum pitch 40 mm

Field of application

The solution is for automotive and non-automotive parts: from technical applications to houseware and logistics & environmental sectors.

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